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Spring Break - Soulmates Wines

Spring Break

Another week has come and gone. Here we are again…Monday.


I’m here to report that the #GirlsThatWine’s diet was not a complete success. Especially, since Easter finished up the 7 day diet.  I cannot speak for Aggie but I binged on carrot cake and chocolate eggs. Oh well, we can shoot for another week of making healthier choices in the near future. Anyway, here’s to hoping everyone had a very Happy Easter!


It’s “officially” spring break! The kids are out of school and Aggie is off to the Bahamas.  I may do a quick little getaway to Monterey with the kiddos, but mostly, I’ll be here holding down the fort.


I’m pleased to announce the first winner of our Weekly Wine Giveaway! Denise Edwards-Hamilton is the lucky recipient of a free bottle of wine and all she had to do was join us in our chat room. It’s that easy, click on the “Wine Social” tab right here on our website. The #GirlsThatWine are standing by, so hit us up and say hi!