Spaghetti Squash, A How To

Spaghetti Squash. Nature’s pasta. Except who knows how to cook these sneaky little football shaped vegetables? If you’ve never handled or have seen a spaghetti squash, its a large yellow, football shaped, hard-shelled vegetable. Cutting into them is almost as hard as dissecting a rock, which may be easier than cutting into a spaghetti squash, none the less, it’s hard to cut. I went through about 20 minutes of YouTube how to’s before attempting to cut into one and not chopping off a finger!

Here’s a quicker how to. First, get a sharp knife. I cannot emphasize SHARP enough. Second, get a towel and then lightly stick your knife into the squash. Stick it in deep enough to make a puncture. Continue this motion until you have “poked a zipper like seam” down both sides of the squash. Here comes the fun part; then BANG it on the counter. Bang it like you’re trying to crack open a coconut.

Once opened gut it, glaze the inside of your freshly open squash with olive oil and salt, then place face down on a baking sheet and bake for 20 min at 375 degrees. Enjoy a nice rewarding glass of Soulmates Zinfandel! Defeating a vegetable and not losing a finger is enough reason to celebrate! Cheers!

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