A Rosè By Any Other Name Would Taste As Sweet

Rosè, the varietal that swept the nation. Everyone is in a Rosè craze and we can’t blame them, we’re Rosè crazy as well. When going to buy a bottle of Rosè what do you envision it’s characteristics to be?

Many people think of a great bottle of rosé, it’s the light pink, pale Provençal rosé that typically comes to mind. For whatever reason, Millennial and Non-Millennial drinkers have come to see this style of rosé, and its snappy, bright acidity, as the best option, but by limiting yourself to one style of Rosè, you’re not only missing out on a world of wine but doing yourself an injustice. Which is why you need to give Soulmates (darker hued) Rosè a try.

Commercial ads swirl around our social media pages with photos of young and bubbly twenty-something’s telling, wearing bikinis or laughing at a super pink girly party, pouring a cute pink glass of Rosè into a Champange flute. We’re made to believe the only great Rosè is bright, pink, young and bubbly. Will that glass of rosé pair well with a $80 steak? I highly doubt it. Darker Rosè wine like Soulmates not only offers the same sexy bubbly feeling you get from the lighter Rosè but also offers a taste that compares to a fuller bodied wine and compliments red and white dishes alike. Also, you’ll look really sophisticated and sexy drinking our bubbly. For only $13 you can pick up your bottle of Soulmates Rosè today and just as an added prize, here’s a photo of a cat drinking wine… because, well, the internet is full of cats doing stuff. Cheers!

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