#GirlsThatCook Cooking Club

#GirlsThatWine have started a cooking club #GirlsThatCook. The leading Chef is none other than The Wining Chef, Chef Aggie Alba! Chef Aggie gave a great cooking lesson to the members of #GirlsThatCook , myself included! The recipes on the menu this month consisted of Filipino Lumpia, Chicken Adobo and the ever delicious Filipino Flan (different from Mexican flan).

The #GirlsThatCook club laughed, cooked and of course drank Soulmates 2013 Lodi Chardonnay. Chef Aggie’s Signature Cocktail was none other than a ‘Hillary Wallbanger’. The #GirlsThatCook meet every month! Tune in for next months recipes!!

Hillary Wallbanger:

4oz Chilled Soulmates Chardonnay

2oz Fresh Orange Juice

1oz Grand Mariner

Combine all ingredients over ice and garnish with an orange slice. Voila! The Hillary Wallbanger!


Remember to always Drink Responsibly!