This month’s event

#GirlsThatWine & Dine - March 2018

It’s that time again for #GirlsThatWine & Dine to get down in the kitchen with teachings from Chef Aggie. This month will be a class on Artisan Pizza making. Who doesn’t love pizza? I mean, C’MON! There will be a featured cocktail using Soulmates Wines very own Chardonnay that the #GirlsThatWine will enjoy while making a pizza pie! We’re keeping the ingredients a secret until the event so stay tuned for yummy photos and recipes! Our #GirlsThatWine & Dine group keeps growing, we love our group! If you would like to join in on the fun, the laughter and of course food,  please email me at for more information and to sign up. All set entrance donations (food and wine) of course go to an amazing cause! Who doesn’t like to kick cancer in the pepperoni?!! Stay tuned!