In Memory of Louie Bonpua

A soulmate has often been defined as the twin soul – the other half of one’s soul. This is a story about a brother and a sister with an unbreakable bond. An older brother of six years, born August 30, 1964, and a younger sister born August 28,1970; nevertheless the six years in age did little to separate their unified vision and fervor for life; indeed, their relationship was, rather, one of twins joined in spirit and in heart. The unyielding will to assure his sister reaches the countless dreams she shared in her youth…the passion he felt, knowing she had a gift that could change the world, leaving a historical mark for generations to share – little did he know what a profound impact such qualities would have upon his sister as he entered into an unforgiving battle of life and death. Diagnosed with Leukemia with no correction after treatment, and having only the inevitable fate before him, Louie Bonpua kept a personal goal to train and perform in the Ironman Triathlon. He went on to compete and finish more than 15 triathlons, to include one Ironman triathlon throughout Northern California, with the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society Team in Training.He inspired those diagnosed with Leukemia, motivated competitors within the triathlon arena, rejuvenated his sister’s dreams, and invigorated all who encountered his presence. He realized the words “perseverance” and “endurance” beyond polite sickbed conversation, proving them as the keys to unlocking the mysteries of life’s impossibilities. He carried the torch for 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games – a symbol of his enduring light to a world that often takes for granted its full-functioning capacities. In memory of his strength, his inspiration, and his love, we invite you to share a glass of Soulmates Wines as you partake in this wonderful gift of life. Cheers!

We are a proud supporter of Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and a proud contributor to LLS Team-In-Training

This event is a celebration to introduce Soulmates Wines and the person who help inspire the brand, Louie Bonpua. He lost his life to Leukemia, but his legacy lives on through his sister.